We’re a couple of friends making movies. And a little something else.
Because from the simplest ideas the best results are born. And from the most humble conditions, inspiration grows.
We mix high with low, the personal with the professional and the light with the carbon black darkness.
Lowlife is as much a film collective as it is a way of working, a lifestyle and a philosophy. A space for us to be creative and let go of all boundaries. A production company different from anything else.
That’s why we do everything from movies to designing clothes – and if you see the white teeth somewhere on the city streets, you know that a Lowlifare is nearby.
For us, the word ‘Low’ is nothing negative – on the contrary. Instead, it is our way of always looking up and forward. “Lowlife – We are putting the low in life”.

If you wanna come in contact with us send a email to info@lowlifefilm.se