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31 maj, 2021

Do you hear that? Footsteps getting closer, someone moving outside your door. Why did you have to walk about like you owned the place? Maybe you disturbed a neighbor you can’t even see? Maybe you awoken something older than time itself? Now you are cursed. The footsteps are getting closer now. Closer. Do you hear…


21 augusti, 2020

Dennis isn’t like everyone else. To him the video blog is all that matters, the video blog is his life. And when he one day meets a couple of old friends his entire world crumbles.

The Sect

20 augusti, 2020

A small group of maladapted individuals are looking for a higher meaning and context in the chaotic world. They are united in their extreme love for artist Whitney Houston, whom they see as a higher being. In the group there is a belief that in the afterlife, those who are sacrificed in her name may…

The Good Company

1 september, 2019

We are always here. We are always with you. You’re not alone. Don’t forget that.